Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #185 - Presidential Nicknames

Only one nickname on this entire chart is fake and was made up by us. Can you find it?

You can disagree on the placement of some of the nicknames vertically (and feel free to do it in the forums), but the way we reasoned it out (with help from others) was that if no thought was put into it (like Jimmy) then it really wasn't a good nickname. On the other hand, if the name was ridiculous, then you got high marks. Reagan was low because 'The Gipper' isn't even his nickname; it's something he stole from someone else.

If you disagree with the placement of the presidents horizontally, go and have it out with the Wall Street Journal. (UPDATE: Horizontal placement is based on an average of the last five sets of rankings, and ignores the current president as his term is not yet over.)

This is probably the widest and most time-consuming comic we've done. If you're having trouble reading some of the names, we've made a longer, larger version for you to peruse here.

Oh, and the crossword will hopefully be up tomorrow night.