Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2670 - Big Question #21

Now there's a true dilemma! Cast your vote on this very important matter!

Not that we need to debate whether Santa exists, of course. His existence was already proven on STW using physics.

If you have a big question that you just can't figure out the answer to, you can send it in and it might get used in a future STW! Just email it along and we'll see what the fates decide.

LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: The results from last week's question are as follows:

53.1% - Getting superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive snowman
46.9% - Getting superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive reindeer

I am actually surprised by this one? I figured more people would go for potential flight powers versus potential ice powers? Maybe it would be the risk of a giant red glowing nose that turned people away. Who knows!

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