Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2759 - Pie (Bracket Week VIII)

UPDATE: You can jump to round two here! UPDATE UPDATE: And round three here! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: And the final round here!

Your vote actually matters, so cast your votes wisely!

Everyone, say hi to Hunter. (Hi, Hunter!) Hunter is a grad student who works in a lab across the hall and who I have had the pleasure of relentlessly mocking for the last four years. So it was a perfect development when as part of an Engineering Week event, a vote by all members of the chemical engineering community voted for me to have the privilege of throwing a pie in someone's face . . . and Hunter was voted to have the privilege to be pied.

Hunter is a good sport, and while we are ready to have the pie-throwing and video it and all, we haven't been able to decide the type of pie that he should be hit with. So we have agreed to leave it up to you to decide. We'll vote through each round, and whatever type of pie is last standing at the end, I will throw that type of pie in Hunter's face.

This is a giant responsibility for you! So use it wisely! Do you go classic with the cream pie? Do you go mushy with a fruit option? Do you go savory with the dinner version? Do you go painful or gross by picking one of the lesser choices? It's up to you!

This ends bracket week for comics, but voting on the pie bracket will run for the next few weeks to culminate with the throwing in April. Do your civic duty and vote! And thank you!