Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2947 - Genetics

No, I don't know each respective component corresponds to. But that 1/3 limit for each respective component mixture is probably a serious rule to adhere to, right? Imagine someone who ended up being 100% puppy dog tails? That's not a human-like monster, that's not even a dog-like monster, it's just a pile of monster parts molded into one single sentient creature. And 100% sugar, or 100% spice? Um, that's edible. I don't want an edible human being. (Do you have multiple options in the spices that can be part of you? Not like you personally get to choose your own composition, of course. That's not how genetics works. I'm not an idiot. Please.) Anyway, here's to whatever combination of the six parts make you whatever/whoever you are.

STW IN AN ART GALLERY: A show opening this Friday at Waterfall Arts in Belfast, Maine will be showing some of my group's science comic work! I'll be attending the gallery opening, so if you want to go by and say hi this Friday and see some science art, please feel free to join me!