Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #3523 - Teaching

Think about all the tools you were given, all the different times you had lessons. Now think what the metaphorical representations of those tools were. How many axes do you have? How many screwdrivers? How many hammers? I hope not too many hammers. Too many people think all you need to be given is a hammer, so of course everyone has at least a hundred hammers. And then there's only one way to solve a problem with that many hammers, especially if they're all on the top of your toolbox. Have I killed this metaphor yet? Anyway, here's to my students, graduating tomorrow, many students in this class of 2018 that I will dearly miss.

STW BOOK: Somehow we're almost at 90% of our goal already and we're just two days in. I am overwhelmed and so grateful for the support you all have shown. I haven't even announced who the secret writer of the foreword is yet. Thank you all, so very much.