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A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #597 - Unique College Team Nicknames (Bracket Week II)

Yes, all of the college team nicknames listed are real, and only one college holds each name (as best I could tell). I tried to go full name, which is why the Campbell Fighting Camels made the bracket, and are not eliminated by having the same name as the Connecticut College Camels, but two colleges being the Battlin' Bishops eliminated that option. Almost all of the names are currently held, although I took some liberties with the Sourdoughs, which used to exist. And while I really thought Geoducks should be a two-seed in the "You Woudn't Know" regional, theSwede insisted they would fit in the "Edibles" regional.

But even after the entire bracket was set up, several names were left out. I couldn't find room for the Chokers or Hardrockers, and I just wasn't sure if Sand Sharks, Jumbos, Humpback Whales, or Horned Frogs should have replaced any of the unique animals.

Still, there it is! The great college nickname bracket. As is the tradition for the Thursday comic of bracket week, I do the seeding and leave it to you to decide the winners. Feel free to debate among your friends and co-workers. I'll be posting my personal choices in the forums later. Enjoy!

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