Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #907 - College Majors, Part II (Bracket Week III)

Continuing a three year tradition of a big bracket for you to fill in, on the day of the start of the NCAA tournament, following The Fermented Four and The College Nickname Bracket, here's a helpful guide to help you choose your major.

Seeding was partly based on how many degrees were awarded per year. Some majors are meant to contain others - like I forced theological studies to get grouped under philosophy - so if you can't find the major you had, just find the most approximate and assume it is contained there. Some majors may not technically count as undergraduate majors - like law - but to leave it out as a college path felt wrong. And you might want to group some majors under other categories - like shove environmental engineering in with civil - but I made a few judgment calls - as in how math belongs with the sciences - and am pretty pleased with the outcome.

So it's not necessarily a dartboard, but it might actually be useful if you're still deciding! Hopefully you enjoy working through it regardless.

You have until noon EDT today to fill out a bracket in the NCAA if you want to join the STW bracket pool.