Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #941 - Dimensional Analysis

You want to get more kids interested in science? Apply these labels to pundits' poor arguments.

I'm sure my understanding of higher-order dimensions is wrong - simply put, it romanticizes multi-world theory concepts and puts little emphasis on string theory - but to me, that's OK, because romanticizing concepts can often drive non-experts to learn how they actually work. So while I view the 1st dimension as a line, the 2nd as a plane, the 3rd as space, the 4th as time, the 5th as all possible space-time possibilities within our laws of physics, and the 6th as all possible space-time possibilities within all laws of physics, I'm probably only accurate up to the 4th dimension. I'm sure quantum mechanics experts could give you a more accurate explanation than I can.

(I like Grant Morrison's definition that the 5th dimension is imagination too much, even if by my definitions, imagination is the 5th AND 6th dimensions. Hey, a scientist can dream, too.)