Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #977 - Playoff Beards

I love the idea of a playoff beard. I would love to grow one along with various athletic teams I've supported - but almost always, those playoffs runs have coincided with a relationship I've been in, and as I'm not actually on the team . . . hello, razor, goodbye, extra facial hair.

The Indiana-Jones-like adventure quest - all things considered, those were always for some type of knowledge, so searching for some piece of knowledge theoretically believe to exist (like a mathematical theorem or 'the God particle') should probably be included under that heading. And in all honesty, those 'adventure quests for nerds' might be better suited for beards than marching through the hot jungle where your beard might slow you down so you get hit by a poison-tip arrow. That'd be a terrible epitaph. "Brilliant researcher. Should have shaved."