Science the World

Creating STEM Modules and STEM Comics for Teachers Everywhere

Science The World

Science The World is the focus of an engineering education research group based out of Northeastern University.  There are two major directions of the group:

- Developing STEM modules for K-12 classrooms
- Developing STEM comics for a broad audience

With respect to STEM modules, the group aims to:
- connect directly with K-12 educators teaching in scientific fields;
- determine what areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curricula need improvement and/or innovation;
- develop new discussions, demonstrations and experiments that the educators' classes can work on, relating their conceptual material with real-world applications and current university-level research;
- assess the effectiveness of the new curricula when implemented in the classroom;
- and determine means of better connecting concepts and structure for all grades K-12 in order to improve students’ understanding and encourage more young scientists.

From the work done by Science The World with K-12 students, we hope to further use the techniques and approaches developed and incorporate them into undergraduate education, as well as help undergraduate and graduate students to develop and improve their abilities in communication and analysis.

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