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STEM Comics

One of the major difficulties in science, mathematics, and engineering education is that the core concepts can be highly theoretical and lacking in physical basis - making it difficult for students and particularly visual learners to become engaged with the concepts and develop deeper comprehension. Our research strives to improve education by producing science comics to be used as complementary curricula tools, which can then be implemented in a broad range of STEM courses for K-12 education, for college education, and adult learning.

All comics are written by STEM educators and commissioned to be drawn by professional artists.

The comics we have produced to date are large files that we are happy to share for your use - please just contact us so that we can provide the high-resolution version. You can follow the links below to read a low-resolution version of each subject.

COMICS: (if you are willing to participate in assessment, please let us know!)

"Data Analysis" - written by Dante Shepherd, drawn by Beth Sparks

"Uncertainty" - written by Dante Shepherd, drawn by Amanda Kahl

"Fugacity" (coming soon) - written by Dante Shepherd, drawn by Joan Cooke

"PID Control" (coming soon) - written by Dante Shepherd, drawn by Mary J Lai

"Statics" (coming soon) - written by Andrew Meyer and Dante Shepherd

"Kinetics" (coming soon) - written by Richard West and Dante Shepherd