Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1794 (Recitation #103) - Portals

You don't need any of your fancy necronomicons or chanting or fancy chalk drawings or anything else like that. The cat will do it all on its own without your help. Mind you, the cat will open the portal on its own schedule, and there may be many cans of tuna and lots of napping before that time comes, but rest assured, it will happen. Because they are cats.

If you have a question for recitation, send it on in with your name and location. Maybe you'll see yours get answered next week.

STW CALENDARS: Kids, we did it! We passed the goal yesterday! Thank you to all of you for your support! At this point, we're aiming to break a few stretch goals to make the calendars better, but because we met the challenge deadline, everyone who gets a physical reward through the Kickstarter will also get a set of STW coasters! Thank you again! Exclamation point.

REDDIT: The AMA yesterday went shockingly, bewilderingly and humblingly well. Thanks to everyone who participated. If you missed it, you can read through the answers here.