Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #2624 - Bowling

I hope you had a happy Halloween! I shared pictures of Torpedo dressed as a lobster and Cannonball dressed as The Man In The Yellow Hat if you would like to share in our joy from yesterday. Now, back to the subject of the comic above . . .

Seriously, what the hark is wrong with us that we can't just go down the street to one of these better more advanced modern alleys? Anyway, let's just go commandeer a luge course and have some advanced fun.

(Yes, I have my own bowling ball. Why? Because my fingers are so long that the only way I could go bowling with the alley's balls was to release the ball backhanded if I didn't want the ball to fall off my fingers. Thus, allowing theSwede to utterly destroy me every time we went bowling because she's so very very good at bowling. Anyway that is the story.)