Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1288 - Definitions, Part XX

Twenty definitions! Maybe if I get to evening out the verbs and nouns and other parts of speech a little better, and future archaeologists will think this was some sort of dictionary for an actual language. Oh, one can only hope to delude the future so well.

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PREVIOUS HOMEWORK: I'm a little late in posting the top answers from one of the past assignments - the most recent homework assignment is still due on Thursday, but allow me to catch up on a past homework.

Based on the 'elaborate excuses' comic, the assignment was: "In 40 words or less, what is the most elaborate AND realistic excuse you can come up with for your failure at an extremely mundane task? Your task can be anything realistic and mundane, but it must be clear what you failed at in your forty words."

There were many clever responses - you can check out an assortment of both creative and true homework answers to read through the best - but the best, in my opinion, came from Mackenzie in Syracuse, NY:

Bending quickly over
To salvage fallen dishware.
Sad glittering effects a pause
'Tisn't my place!

Who am I to combat
Those most intrinsic forces?
Our planet's, indeed, my kitchen's
Entropic nature.

'Tis folly, fighting.
Coexist with the forces that be!

Well done, Mackenzie! You will receive a small prize from me. Thanks to everyone else who submitted their homework. Enjoy reading through the many great answers.