Surviving the World

A Photocomic Education by Dante Shepherd

Lesson #1291 - Poses While Walking

Probably works best when walking by young kids and simple people, but that shouldn't stop you from trying!

Anyway, while superheroes are rarely ever unsung, many actual people are not, which leads us into . . .

THE NEW HOMEWORK: In less than 200 words, explain why someone is an unsung hero to you.

At the end of January, we will be celebrating Vasili Arkhipov's Birthday, giving us a time to party in honor of the unsung heroes in our lives. So let's start getting in the season for it.

Your answer can be visual or written, but keep it short - anything long will be deleted. Email your homework in with your name and location with the subject line "HOMEWORK: HEROES" to be received no later than Thursday, 1/19, at noon ET. Best answer wins and will be posted here next Friday (with the following week's assignment to be handed out then). Enjoy.

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LAST WEEK'S HOMEWORK: Based on the 'dimensionless numbers' comic, the assignment was: "Most dimensionless numbers are named after the person who creates them and are a unitless relationship of terms - as in the Reynolds number is equal to diameter times velocity times density divided by viscosity. With that in mind, define the mathematical term named after you. Would the "Horace number" be happiness divided by poor decisions multiplied by cats? Be creative. Bonus points if you can make your number actually dimensionless."

There were many more answers sent in than I expected, a number of them great - especially the one from a six-year-old - and while not all of them were actually dimensionless, the best came from Rae in Aberdeen:

Well done, Rae! You will receive a small prize from me. Thanks to everyone else for submitting their homework. Enjoy reading through the many great answers.