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Science Comic: Fugacity

Here is the fifth finished science comic that we produced through our educational research grant! This comic is the ENTIRE REASON AND INSPIRATION for why I wrote the grant proposal. Here is an entire semester of Thermodynamics II summarized in ten pages, and the most confusing concept in chemical engineering education hopefully laid out in a way that it actually makes sense for once!

This comic about fugacity is drawn by the incredible Joan Cooke, my co-creator and artist on PhD Unknown, our webcomic about science and strange creatures! I've been working with Joan for nearly four years now, and continue to be thrilled to have the opportunity to make this science comic with her. You should follow everything she does! She's great!

Compared to the other science comics about data analysis, uncertainty, PID controls, and heat exchangers, this comic is the one I would most appreciate any feedback on, whether you are an engineer, a student, or nothing of the sort. Fugacity is a really difficult topic to learn about in class (and to teach, for that matter!) so any curricula that can be provided to help clarify it would be a major improvement to the current educational tools. So if you've read the full fugacity comic, please consider filling out a quick assessment survey to help provide some feedback!

We'll be using this comic with our Thermodynamics II course at Northeastern, but if it could be beneficial to other courses as well - such as your own! - if you are a teacher or professor and are interested in using it in your course, please contact me so that we can provide the full, high-resolution comic as well as a means of producing assessment of the students' learning!

More science comics to come!

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